Project management app for designers

The most efficient way to manage your projects.

Project management is a practice that helped us humans manufacture and build products and entities in the real world. The tech world is no different where ideas are transformed to products but in the digital space. When it comes to managing design projects the frequency and probability of changes and revisions are even higher in the digital space, so we set out to think about a product that centralises this process of creative teams working with their clients.

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All data at your fingertips

The focus on the main screen was to give a general overview about the team’s projects and key performance indicators, so they will have a better understanding of their business and what is next up on their clients projects.

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Establishing clear project schedules

Being able to easily and efficiently set project timelines helps design teams plan and assess their activity and resources on the go, so as to ensure project deliveries to clients are on time.


Communication is key

These days there are various ways to communicate with clients – from instant messaging to email and video calls. Having options is good, but sometimes creates clutter and can cause some information to be lost between the different channels. While good communication is the backbone of any successful project we thought it will be important to incorporate a streamlined communication feature that will gather all conversations, deliverables and project timelines in one place.

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