Jasper Card

A credit card like no other

The future of banking is digital

Jasper is a smart credit card that was born in the digital era. Their main offer is to help their users promote positive financial behaviour and stay out of debt. Just the idea of being updated moment to moment of your finances and spendings helps you become a better money saver. With that, additional advanced payments tools to foster financial freedom and staying out of debt.


Exploring multiple concepts

We wanted to create a modern design language that can resonate with the youth but still be classic and clean, these are the directions we went for that eventually lead us to stick with a singular color use in the user interface and it’s features.

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Track and manage your activities

The main home experience enables the user to get an overview of their card use, and with that supplying users with advanced control of filtering their past spending and gaining insights on their money use behaviour.

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Easy, Fun & Intutive

Being very simple and starlight-forward in the way information is presented to the users makes the whole experience easier, helping users to make decisions without unnecessary distractions.

Generating users through the marketing site

We also helped Jasper shape their new web presence that targets generation Z’s youth and students, help them navigate Jasper’s offerings, card features and eventually lead them to register to the service. A visual language that compounds both elements from the App’s user interface with rounded and geometric shapes.