Funding for startup employees

Enabling startup employees to own their equity

EquityBee is a platform that helps startup employees get an external capital to exercise their options, once they leave the company they work for. EquityBee’s Investor Community are being revealed to opportunities to invest in the platform, and by committing an investment they become shareholders for a share in employees potential future gains from their stocks.

Vivid and engaging visuals

We created this magnificent and unique visual language that can be stringed along the platform and the different product’s features, helping to convey EquityBee’s mission through human illustrations and geometric, colourful drawings.


Thought out onboarding experience

Startups employees and employees in general do not engage often with complex financial concepts, specifically for this case the process of exercising their options, understanding future gains, etc. In this on-boarding process there was a need to lead the users in a very clear, trustful way to registering and inserting their options related information to the app. 


Tools to help you consider your options

Our work ranged from designing both internal and external experiences, some of them were tools that help users navigate the world of investments, understanding financial concepts and calculations in the matter of their stock options.

hexagon contour boy woman man small-hex bee
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An e-commerce inspired experience for investors


Designed for mobile

Today we know that more than 50% of device website traffic comes from mobile phones, thus the designs we make are being specifically tailored to fit the mobile experience as well.

contour hexagon phone plant small-hex