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Write quality content with the power of AI

Bemedia is a product that sets out to solve one of the biggest problems writers have these days, which is how to write the best article so it can stand out from thousands of other written materials. A great article should be concise, but also tell a story and captivate the readers. With that there’s also this base need which is firstly to find the related audience for your material. 

Creating flawless experience

We wanted people to have the most essay, block free environment who start writing their articles, Thus, usability was a very important factor in your formula planning on this page. The editor is a clean white based interface that leaves the user a lot of room to just express their thoughts in writing, without distractions. With that, Bemedia can suggest improvements for material written from a variety of properties. This part of the editor is hidden and can be revealed once there’s a need to engage this functionality.


A platform for modern writers

Besides supplying writers the best tools to write their articles, Bemedia is also a hub for writers from different genres. With that definition it was really obvious that the home experience will present users with recent articles written on the platform, delivered by subjects and giving the option for users to follow on specific topics of their interest. That means that writers can also test their new ideas with other writers on the platforms, get that initial feedback before publishing it to wider audiences.

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Write, analyze, publish, connect with the world

Good articles are somewhat meaningless if they don’t reach their target audience. With a very advanced AI editing, a slick non-distracting User Experience, another important function is how users can share their writings out to the broad digital world. Multi-channel sharing and publishing capabilities are being emphasised in the platform and let users share their writing to different targets in the most customised, simple way.

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